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Case Studies

The Right Person was Hidden Right Under His NoseUntil He Looked at The Business Through a Culture Index Lens

Straining at the reins of its growth, our construction industry client’s margins were growing thin. After leadership false starts, the client used the Culture Index system to learn what qualities the CEO needed in an operations leader. From there, he discovered that person deep within his own company. After a short time with the new leader in place, the company had increased its profits and streamlined operations.

The Solution to Growth Starts with How the Leader Sees People

Most business owners will tell you that there are points at which they are their own worst enemies. Our advertising industry client used Culture Index to reorient the leadership team’s thinking about team motivation after hitting this point. The Culture Index system first shined a light on the owner’s management and personal qualities and then, from that baseline, provided a path towards managing every employee individually based on their personalities. This leadership transformation dismantled an era of conformity that had paralyzed the business. Once on the platform, our client’s company grew revenues by 20x in less than five years while only doubling staff.

From Lifestyle Business to Launch – Direction and Alignment Drives Results

A multi-generational family business was stuck. Leadership lacked strategic direction and the organization was not equipped to act once they found it. Growth mindset and problem-solving qualities were missing in the organization. Ownership brought Culture Index in and immediately learned that the path forward required a company-wide overhaul. The newly-installed, entrepreneurial CEO restructured the team to generate revenue predictably while creating an inspiring culture. The result: turnover dropped below 5% and profits jumped by almost 3,000%.

From Departure to Destination, The Key Was Getting the Right Talent in the Right Seats

A service industry client was suffering continuous losses of revenues and talent until it began using Culture Index as the basis for talent acquisition and management. With a focus on putting the right people in the right seats to do the right work, management turned around operations to the point where turnover dropped from 80% to less than 6% and revenues increased by 50% in just two years.

Changing Direction Begins with Finding The People in the Company Who Can Change It

Our client was recruited into an aerospace company to turn around an underperforming division that had been losing money for more than two years. This division leader used Culture Index to find the hidden talent within the organization who were utilized ineffectively and in the wrong roles. Within 90 days of restructuring the team and activities, the division was cash positive and growing rapidly.

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