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analytics over Instincts

The company of tomorrow relies on its team to respond to uncertainty, capitalize on culture, and commit to a successful future. That team can drive growth and create value in profound ways. But only when the team works in synchrony.

At Culture Index, we help companies produce compelling results by connecting strategies and desired outcomes with the right people needed to deliver them. We support CEOs and owners across a spectrum of businesses and industries as they orchestrate growth.

Smash Sales Records

Intense. Driven. Producers. That’s what you see when you think about your dream sales team.

What you have today may be something less. Some success, sure. But, do they deliver? Does your head of sales get everything out of the sales team that it can bring?

Results are critical at this point in your company’s growth. Learn how Culture Index can work with you to build a sales team of top flight producers.

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produce stronger profits

Profit gives life to everything you strive for with your business. While your vision may be driving a bigger, more meaningful mission, in the long run you only get there by feeding the operating cash flow beast. That means profits produced by a powerful and committed team.

Culture Index helps you put the people in place that drive mission-oriented and financial results.

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lead with speed

It is one thing to move fast. But, it’s much more important to move fast and know where the company is heading. That takes a different kind of leader – One who can bring the team along without losing pace.

This leader is engaged with everyone but also demanding in terms of performance and outcome. When you bring this person on board, you are changing and accelerating the pace of the game; your company will immediately respond to it.

Some people call these leaders rock stars, purple squirrels, or unicorns. At Culture Index, we call them Trailblazers and Enterprisers.

We know how to help you find them.

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recruit ferocious talent

Bam! Just like that, when you need to build out a team that can break through the obstacles that hold back your company’s growth, you find yourself in the middle of one of the most challenging recruiting environments in the modern history of business. The Executive Advisors at Culture Index understand this struggle since they have been there, too.

Sales teams, product, operations, services – the common thread that connects all high performing companies is the ferocity of the talent needed to accomplish the unaccomplishable.

That’s what the Culture Index program can deliver to your company.

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the culture index experience

Leaders at the tops of their games
help their people win.

With the Culture Index Experience,
we help you win, too.

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CEO Experience + Unique Strategic Guidance + Powerful Proprietary Analytics = Success